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Bridge History

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is a symbol of Australia. It crosses one of the most beautiful harbours in the world and is a striking feature of Sydney’s skyline.

Opened in 1932, it is the world’s largest (but not longest) steel-arch bridge. Loved by the locals, the Bridge is at the heart of Sydney celebrations such as the annual New Year’s Eve fireworks and the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games announcement. 

Insider Facts:

  • Known to the locals as ‘the coathanger’
  • Hotly debated by Australians as to whether the Bridge, or the Sydney Opera House, is the #1 icon of Sydney
  • Paul Hogan was once employed as a rigger on the Bridge
  • It is sturdy, but not stationary. The Bridge can rise or fall by 18cm due to heating and cooling.

Learn More:

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