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Recruitment Process - Climb Leaders

Because it’s such an interesting job, Climb Leader recruitment is often very competitive.  So we find the absolute best candidates for the role, we have a few different stages. 

Here is a brief rundown of what to expect: 

1. Online Application Form – This covers the usual stuff like your contact details, basic health information as well as a cover letter and resume

2. Phone Interview – If we like the look of your application, one of our recruitment team will give you a call to discuss why you are interested in the job, confirm your availability and answer any questions you might have.  Allow about 5-10minutes for this chat!

3. Group Interview – This gives us the chance to see you in action.  Over the course of 3 hours you’ll chat and interact with our team and other applicants. Don’t worry– we aren’t looking for Oscar winning performers, just genuine, customer focused people!  It’s also a good chance to “interview” BridgeClimb and make sure it’s the right place for you.   Believe or not, most people actually find this stage fun!  

4. Final Interview – If you are successful past the group interview stage we’ll invite you back for a more structured interview with a couple of people from the BridgeClimb team.  We’ll also be chatting with your referees at this point – so make sure they’re up to date!

5. Medical Assessment – the last hurdle!  Climb Leading is a physical job and we need to know you are up to it!  The medical assessment is conducted by a professional medical service provider and is fully paid for by BridgeClimb.

Once you’ve ticked off each of these stages…congratulations, you’ve got the gig!  As a guide, the whole process usually takes about 2-3 weeks from phone interview to letting you know you’re successful.  Good luck!