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Recruitment Process - Climb Services

For each of our Climb Services teams (Guest Relations, Reservations Call Centre and Retail) we use a pretty straight forward recruitment process to find the best suited candidates to join our amazing team. 



We also want to give you the opportunity to ask questions and “interview” us – just to make sure BridgeClimb is the right place for you!  Here is a brief rundown as to what to expect: 

1. Online Application – This covers the usual stuff like your contact details and also a cover letter and resume.  We really want to get an idea of your past work experience and what skills you have so make sure everything is up to date!

2. Phone Interview – If we like the look of your application, one of our recruitment team will give you a call to discuss why you are interested in the job, confirm your availability and answer any questions you might have.  Allow about 5-10minutes for this chat!

3. Face-to-Face Interview – The final stage is for you to come into BridgeClimb and meet with us.  Over the course of about an hour you’ll have a one-to-one chat with one of our team and we might even get you to do an activity or two!  Don’t worry– we’re not going to make you jump through hoops and aren’t looking for Oscar winning performers, just genuine, customer focused people!   

Once you’ve ticked off each of these stages…congratulations, you’ve got the gig!  As a guide, the whole process usually takes about 2-3 weeks from phone interview to letting you know you’re successful.  Good luck!

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