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Lay-By Gift Certificates

You can choose to lay-by your Gift Certificate purchase over a 12 week period, so you can give someone 'The Climb of Their Life' and pay it off in simple and manageable repayments.

The following conditions apply when you lay-by a BridgeClimb Gift Certificate

  • You can lay-by Gift Certificates via our Ticket Hotline on +61 (0)2 8274 7777.
  • To start a Gift Certificate lay-by, you will need to pay a minimum of 10% deposit.
  • Full payment will need to be made within 12 weeks.
  • During the 12 week period you can make as many or as little payments as you need (i.e. You could pay a 10% deposit and then nothing until the last day of your 12 week period. Or you could pay a 10% deposit and then pay weekly amounts over the 12 weeks).
  • Your BridgeClimb Gift Certificate will be sent to you once the final payment on your lay-by has been received.
  • The Gift Certificate will be valid for 12 months from your final payment date.  
  • There are no additional charges in place for customers who purchase a Gift Certificate via lay-by.

Call our Ticket Hotline on +61 (0)2 8274 7777 to lay-by your BridgeClimb Gift Certificate now.