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Gift Certificates

For an unforgettable gift, choose from BridgeClimb’s four beautifully presented Gift Certificates, each valid for 12 months. The lucky recipient is then able to choose one of three amazing Climb experiences to the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge - our newest adventure The Express Climb, The Discovery Climb or The Bridge Climb.
You can now lay-by your Gift Certificate purchase with an easy and manageable repayment plan. 

Choose a Gift Certificate today and give them The Climb of Their Life!

  • Dawn

    Titanium Gift Certificate

    This exclusive 12 page Gift Certificate has been specially crafted to be the premium Gift of BridgeClimb. Recipients receive access to Climb at Dawn, our most premium time to Climb.

  • Twilight

    Platinum Gift Certificate

    This lavishly illustrated gift booklet is an inspiration to Climb in itself. Valid for Climbs during the Day, Twilight or at Night - Monday to Sunday.


  • Day

    Gold Gift Certificate

    This gift is sure to inspire your recipients for any occasion. Valid for Climbs during the Day or Night – Monday to Sunday.


  • Night

    A simple Gift Certificate featuring an inspirational image of the BridgeClimb experience to come. Valid for Climbs at Night only - Monday to Sunday.