The Discovery Climb

Travel through the heart of the Bridge as you enjoy the Mechano-like framed views of urban Sydney as you journey to the summit. Rise within the cathedral of steel until you burst through to the top of the locals’ “coathanger”.

The Journey:

Latching on in the Climb Base below the Bradfield Highway, you will walk on catwalks below the road-deck, past the South-East Pylon, directly over Sydney Harbour, until you meet the base of the Bridge’s lower arch on the Opera House side. Here you will commence your ascent as you rise to the peak of the lower arch. At this point, you will break through to the upper arch by taking a staircase to the summit. After a summit celebration with your group, you cross the spine of the Bridge to the Darling Harbour side to make your descent via the lower arch to our Climb Base.

Climb Facts:

  • 3 ½ hours long, max. 14 people per group.
  • 1,002 steps.
  • Ideal if you want to surround yourself within the structure of the bridge on your way to the summit.
  • You can do this Climb at dawn (limited departures), day, twilight or night.

Are you ready to climb? Read our Pre-Climb Checklist here.