Media Climb Terms & Conditions

Since the launch of BridgeClimb on 1 October 1998, BridgeClimb has welcomed media from around the globe. All media are required to submit a completed application. However, prior to completing the form, please take a moment to review the following conditions set out by BridgeClimb.

  • All media applying to experience BridgeClimb must be able to provide evidence that they are bonafide media
  • A copy of all articles, images and footage obtained while at BridgeClimb will be provided to BridgeClimb within a reasonable time frame of completing the Media Climb
  • Media Climb groups are limited to 6 people – any more than this impacts on our public climbers and can cause safety concerns
  • A limited number of Media Climbs will be scheduled each day
  • All climbers are required to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to their climb departure time. Failure to do so impacts upon our customers, therefore, BridgeClimb reserves the right to reschedule late arriving Media Climbers to suit its operational needs
  • Changes to Climb bookings will not be made on the day, unless under exceptional circumstances and at BridgeClimb’s discretion
  • We encourage media to experience BridgeClimb as a regular customer for an authentic Climb experience. Where equipment is essential, we encourage media to minimise equipment taken on the Bridge
  • BridgeClimb can provide images and/or footage
  • A list of all equipment required on the Climb MUST be given at the time of booking. Media Climb bookings will NOT be made without this information
  • Equipment Conditions:

1. Any cameras (film, digital, handicam, or GoPros) must be attachable (e.g. a shoulder strap)
2. Media equipment should not be caught on camera (e.g. talent cannot wear a Go Pro). Where caught on camera, this footage can not be used
3. Tripods will not be permitted
4. Additional equipment will not be allowed unless otherwise approved prior to your Climb date and time by BridgeClimb

  • One representative from your media group will be required to sign a Visual Image and Liability Agreement
  • All Media Climbs are conducted within the operational conditions of BridgeClimb
  • An authorised representative from the media group will be required to sign a Visual Image And Liability Agreement. As stated in the Visual Image and Liability Agreement, the media group agrees that BridgeClimb has the right to review, and you agree to provide for review, all footage or images that you intend to publish or air or release in some other way for public consumption. The media group agrees that BridgeClimb may deny you permission to publish, air or release in some other way footage or images that BridgeClimb deems, in its absolute discretion, may breech security and/or safety protocols of BridgeClimb or the Roads and Maritime Services (“RMS”), may affect BridgeClimb’s branding or reputation or may associate BridgeClimb with an organisation, concept, value or issue with which BridgeClimb does not wish to be associated.

By completing a Media Climb Application you agree that you have read, understood and agreed to BridgeClimb’s Media Climb conditions and are authorised to accept these conditions on behalf of your Media organisation.

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