Under the glow of a full moon

full moon

Every day we revel in the opportunity to share in Sydney and its world famous icons with our climbers. Sometimes, we have the chance to add a sprinkle of magic to a special cultural event to help mark the moment of an unforgettable memory. Tonight, we had the opportunity to treat a group of climbers […]


A Mahjong battle 134m above the harbour

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Mahjong Champtions Battle It Out On The Summit Of The Sydney Harbour Bridge

Today, in a premiere event, a game of Mahjong took place on the summit of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The players, Pauline Heng, Tony Liu, Winnie Kiu and Jak Heng, scaled to the summit of the Bridge, 134 metres above sea level, and tested each other’s skills in this sport which combines strategy, skill and […]


Traditional lion dance welcomes The Mandarin Climb

Lion Dance to welcome The Mandarin Climb to the Sydney Harbour Bridge

It was a spectacular sight of east meets west on top of one of Australia’s most recognisable icons today. Lion Dancers, a drummer and three cymbal platers, scaled to the summit of the Bridge, peaking 134 metres above sea level, where they performed the first ever Lion Dance on the Sydney Harbour Bridge. An array […]