World First Love Talent Show To Celebrate Chinese Valentine’s Day

2015 Chinese Valentine's Day Group Photo with Violinist Serenade

Today, four lucky couples celebrated their connection together by climbing to the summit of the Sydney Harbour Bridge for Chinese Valentine’s Day. As they neared the peak of the famous “Coathanger” the couples were delighted to find a violinist whom serenaded the group with popular classics such as My Heart Will Go On and The Moon Represents My Heart. […]


Sydney burst with light during Vivid Sydney 2015

Vivid Sydney 2015 - Climb Leader Photo 1

This year’s festival of light, music and ideas was a spectacular array of colour. From Friday the 22 of May through to closing night on Monday the 9 June, the city came alive with light from the ferries that sailed along the harbour right to the western face of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Throughout the […]