Gift Letters

Allow 5-10 working days for delivery of your Gift Certificate(s) depending on your postal address. In the interim you may wish to download a GIFT LETTER to present to the recipient until the actual Gift Certificate arrives in the mail.

Download Here:

Select the type of Gift Certificate you purchased and click on the link below to view the Gift Letter (use the right-click button on your mouse to download and save the file).

Gift Letter – $100 voucher

Gift Letter – $200 voucher

Gift Letter – BridgeClimb Sampler (Weekday)

Gift Letter – BridgeClimb Sampler (Weekend)

Gift Letter – Night Gift Certificate (Weekday)

Gift Letter – Night Gift Certificate (Weekend)

Gift Letter – Day Gift Certificate (Weekday)

Gift Letter – Day Gift Certificate (Weekend)

Gift Letter –  Twilight Gift Certificate (Weekday)

Gift Letter –  Twilight/Dawn Gift Certificate (Weekend)

If you have any questions regarding your Gift Certificate purchase, please get in touch with our team.

NOTE: This “Gift Letter” is for information purposes only and can only be redeemed with a valid Gift Certificate.

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