Working as a Climb Leader

Our Climb Leaders have one of the most sought after jobs in Sydney. Spending your days outside, climbing one of the most iconic structures in Australia, showcasing Sydney to the rest of the world…it’s a pretty great gig. And to top it off, you get to do all this whilst sharing in the excitement of a once in a lifetime experience with our customers. Let’s just say it’s a pretty cool job!

Check out the video “Life as a Climb Leader” to hear Mitch, Ash, Phil and Delphi talk about what it’s like to have the best job in Sydney!


  • Leading 14 people on “the Climb of their life” over the Sydney Harbour Bridge…then turning around and doing it again!
  • Ensuring the safety of our customers out on the Bridge
  • Providing expert commentary on the Bridge and Sydney
  • Taking great photos of our climbers
  • Providing outstanding customer service to people from all over the world

What we look for in a Climb Leader is pretty simple: a warm and friendly personality, a passion for customer service and excellent attention to detail. No particular experience is required, though you will need to have or be willing to complete a first aid certificate before you start. As long as you can provide a positive attitude and an ability to engage with a group of people from across the globe, then we can provide everything else you need to know in our comprehensive and fully paid training program.  Oh, and just one more thing…it may sound obvious, but you’ll need to be pretty comfortable with heights!

Sound interesting? Well, there’s some things you might want to think about before you apply. Being a Climb Leader and leading Climbs over the Sydney Harbour Bridge is an amazing job, but it’s not without its challenges. This page outlines some of the challenges you’ll need to consider, such as:



After the training program, we will revert to rostering you according to your ‘ongoing availability’. This is why we ask what days you will be available for us to roster you for work as part of our recruitment process. It probably comes as no suprise that the weekends are usually the busiest time of the week for BridgeClimb so candidates with availability across weekend days will do well with being rostered for work!

Keep in mind that being a Climb Leader works well for those who are flexible with their availability and aren’t looking for full time work. People who can work on the weekends and also pick up another shift during the week if needed, those just wanting a part-time job (maybe you are studying, or have another part-time job and are looking for more hours?) and those that want to work more during the holidays and summer months when we are at our busiest will do well at BridgeClimb! We do have Climb Leaders whose only job is BridgeClimb so the opportunity to increase the number of days you are available does exist and is generally opened up based on operational needs, performance and tenure.

We appreciate that choosing a job that meets your needs is really important so from the outset we aim to be clear with regards to the expectations of when and how much you will work.

Snowy weather


BridgeClimb operates in all weather conditions. The weather and the unpredictable nature of the outdoors is big part of the experience we create. Admittedly, Sydney has pretty good weather most of the year but when it gets rainy or cold or hot or windy, we’re still out there! We only stop climbing if there is a safety risk – such as electrical storms or extreme winds over 100km/hr. Of course, we’ll provide you with all the protective clothing and equipment you’ll need – but you’ll need to be comfortable with going outside on days that your mum used to tell you to stay inside!


We operate Climbs at all different times of day to suit the demands of our customers. To give you an idea, some of our Climbs might have you starting at 3:30am! Whilst a pre-dawn start won’t be an everyday occurrence, we do need flexibility from our team to work unusual hours. If you hadn’t guessed, this isn’t a regular 9-5 job!


Another consideration is the number of hours we can offer. Tourism is a fantastic industry to work in, however you need to be realistic about the seasonal nature of work within the industry. The quantity of work we can offer is completely dictated by the number of tourists in Sydney and the number of people who want to climb on that day. We recruit to cover specific days of the week when we are at our busiest (generally weekends) so candidates who are looking for two to three days/week work will do well! Obviously there are opportunities to work more over our busy summer months however during the quieter winter months there is traditionally less work available. Make sure you consider this information carefully when deciding to apply.


Our Christmas / New Year’s period is the peak time for us at BridgeClimb. As such, we don’t approve any leave from 24 December to the 7 January (inclusively) each year – as it really is all hands on deck at BridgeClimb!

Also, we require that all Climb Leader applicants commit to the ‘Peak Period Availability’. This means that, regardless of what your normal availability is, you agree to be available to work on the 6 busiest days of the year: 27, 28 & 29 December and 1, 2 & 3 January. It’s a big ask, but it’s a really important part of the job – and we make it worth your while!



BridgeClimb recruits Climb Leaders on a part-time basis, either permanently or for seasonal contracts (between 3-6 months). During peak periods the average rostered hours for a part-time Climb Leader are 25-30 hours per week. During quieter months the average rostered hours are 15-25 hours per week. However, for those that are flexible, there may be the opportunity to pick up extra work.

You will be provided with an individual roster for each fortnightly period. These are supplied at least 2 weeks in advance so you will have plenty of notice of when you are working. A typical shift can be between 3.5 – 7 hours depending on the number of climbs you are leading.

Some of our high performing Climb Leaders are on our ‘guaranteed minimum entitlement’ list – this means that because they provide us with four full days/week availability, BridgeClimb guarantees 35 hours/fortnight of work. This arrangement is generally reserved for our strongest performing Climb Leaders who have also shown flexibility when the business needed it.


The physical element of Climb Leading is one of the most appealing aspects of the job, but one that needs consideration. Your body must be able to cope with repeated, rigorous activity and handle the physical demands of climbing thousands of stairs every day. Consider that:

  • A typical Climb takes 3 ½ hours and has over 1400 stairs per Climb
  • You might be rostered for 1, 2 or even 3 Climbs on a day
  • You’ll need to carry 6kg worth of safety equipment and harness belt around
  • Voice projection is a very important part of the role as you’ll need to give clear safety instructions and commentary to group of 14 people throughout the Climb
  • Above all, you’ll need to be physically coordinated as the Climb involves squatting, carrying, lifting, stooping, bending, prolonged standing in stationary positions and fine motor tasks

We understand that working as a Climb Leader is unlike any other job. There’s a lot to take on board and a lot of information to absorb.  But if you’re keen and up for a challenge then Climb Leading will be the best job you ever have!



BridgeClimb’s Climb Leader training is in a class of its own! Before you start leading Climbs on your own, you will spend dedicated hours learning how to lead a Climb. The program is a mix of classroom-based learning and practical, on-the-job training. It covers everything from safety procedures to Sydney Harbour Bridge history, radio communication, dealing with nervous climbers, using climbing equipment and much, much more!

All new Climb Leaders must complete all elements of the training program, which will consist of 2-3 weeks of near full-time training generally running Tuesday-Saturday. Because much of our training takes place on the Bridge outside of operational hours, your starting and finishing times for training will vary considerably. You may start as early as 6am or finish as late as 11pm.

Due to the volume of information covered during the training it is essential that you attend every session. Each session is only held once for the entire group. If you miss a day, you will potentially be unable to progress to the next stage of training and therefore not be able to lead Climbs. This is why we check multiple times throughout the recruitment process that you are fully available for this period.

We have a great team at BridgeClimb who will support you through your training and in your role. We understand that BridgeClimb’s operations are unique and unlike anywhere else you will have worked. As such, we provide a very supportive learning environment and will give you all the tools you need to succeed!

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