Working in our Corporate Team

In addition to the 200+ people in our frontline operations, we have around 50 amazing team members who work in our back-of-house roles.  These are specialist, professional and managerial roles that work behind the scenes to keep the place running.  They may not be as visible as our frontline team, but our corporate team form the backbone of our business: they drive our operation and lead our innovative approach to at ensure BridgeClimb remains the #1 tourism attraction in Sydney!

Click on the video below to hear some of the reasons our corporate staff love working here!

People are often surprised at how many different people and departments it takes to make the BridgeClimb operation run as smoothly and successfully as it does.   We have a corporate team that works across a range of disciplines and professions including:


Human Services




Operations Management



To find out more about the roles currently available, please follow this link to our current vacancies or for more information please contact our Human Services team at

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