Working in our Services Team

Working in the Services team means you are the face of BridgeClimb and we can’t survive without you, so thank you in advance.

Check out the video below to hear from some of our Customer Service staff!

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Working in our services team


You wont’ be doing any cold calling here, people will be calling you.

You’ll always be asked about the weather, so this is one time when it’s perfect to make small talk about the weather. 

Other questions will be around clothing recommendations, pricing or even about proposing on the Summit. 


The Climber Relations team are the first people to greet customers when they arrive at BridgeClimb.

Many customers will be from all parts of the world but a smile and a “G’day” is a universal welcome.

You’ll be giving everyone their ticket to climb so be prepared for lots of shrieks of joy 


The Guest Services team have the lucky job of getting Climbers ready and giving them the famous BridgeClimb suit.

This is when excitement and nerves set in and they realise they are about to Climb one of the most famous Bridges in the world. 

You get to meet everyone on the Climb from all different cultures so be prepared for some wonderful stories.


As the Climbers finish you are their first port of call and you get to see how excited they still are. 

You’ll go through their photos of them and listen to them re-live their incredible experience.

The Retail team also looks after BridgeClimb’s merchandise range where guests can find perfect souvenirs for friends and families or extra items to help remind them of their mighty Climb.