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Our Mission, ‘Every Climber, Every Climb’, is to provide every individual climber with an exceptional experience, in one of the world’s most beautiful settings. BridgeClimb is a total experience and is not just about climbing. We service our customers in a variety of ways including face-to-face, over the phone and email based service. It is safe to say, that BridgeClimb provides outstanding customer service and are not afraid to go above and beyond for our climbers!

Check out the video below to hear from some of our Customer Service staff!

There are a variety of customer service roles you may perform at BridgeClimb.  Some of our team specialise in one area whilst others enjoy the flexibility of working across multiple departments. Here is a snapshot of a day in the life of our different service departments:

Contact Centre

Our Contact Centre team are generally the first point of contact for our customer service experience. This is not your ‘usual’ contact centre.  Whilst we are still focused on call quality, our Contact Centre team is all about people with the right attitude who enjoy connecting with people.

Our Content Centre team is responsible for answering customer enquiries from the general public and from industry and corporate representatives.  The team answer a range of questions from climb information, to what is the weather like, clothing recommendations, pricing, terms and conditions, health and safety information to even how can I propose up the top of the Bridge? All of this is done with five star customer service skills, excellent communication skills, a professional phone manner and a knack for sales to turn those enquiries into bookings.

Our hours of operation are 7 days/week so it is important to be available at least one weekend day.  Having said that, our hours of operation are business hours (or very close to it) so no super early starts or late nights with this particular team!

Climber Relations

A friendly and welcoming arrival is key to setting a positive and fun tone for our climbers – and that’s where our amazing front desk team, ‘Climber Relations’, come into play.  To be a member of our front desk team you need great customer service skills, the ability to engage and interact with customers from all over the world and a friendly and welcoming communication style.  Sound like you?  Then keep reading!

Our Climber Relations team is responsible for welcoming every single one of our climbers and making them feel welcome.  On top of this, you will be checking-in and ticketing climbers, answering a range of enquiries regarding our products, making bookings and ensuring important health and safety information is passed on to climbers. All the while getting climbers excited about their Climb (which isn’t that hard!!).

Guest Services

Our Guest Services team have the enviable role of being the start of the ‘Climb experience’!  Whilst this team keeps their feet on the ground (i.e. they don’t go out on the bridge) they are responsible for facilitating the climb preparation process where climbers fill out declaration forms, conduct a breath test and put on our famous Climb Suit!

Our climbers are a healthy mix of nerves and excitement at this stage, so the key to doing a great job is balancing the need to ease any concerns but also keep the energy up to ensure they are having a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  In addition to preparation, you will also be responsible for greeting customers on return.

To be a member of the Guest Services team you will need to be a great team player with a vibrant positive attitude and one that does not shy away from speaking to groups of people!


The fun and interactive Retail team work in various areas across the business, though the primary role of this team is to assist climbers take look through and home their photos from the bridge.  In this role, you’ll be dealing directly with our customers who are still on a high from having just completed the adventure of a lifetime climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

In addition to our photographics area, our Retail team also looks after BridgeClimb’s merchandise range where we offer everything from postcards to t-shirts to Christmas decorations!  They also keep our Climber Café running as well as operate the museum in the South East Pylon of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

To be a member of our Retail team you need great customer service skills, the ability to engage and interact with customers from all over the world and a friendly and welcoming communication style.

What do I need to consider if I’m interested in applying for one of these roles?


BridgeClimb’s operational hours are not typical. We trade 7 day a week, 365 day a year.  Whilst most days we’ll be open somewhere around 8am-8pm, we don’t have set hours.  If it’s super busy (as it is over the summer months) we can operate up to 24 hours a day! Our team works weekends, nights and all public holidays, including Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day.

We work by rostering you according to your ‘availability’. This is why we ask what days you will be available for us to roster you for work as part of our recruitment process. Whilst you probably won’t be rostered to work on every day that you are available, we promise not to roster you days that you are not available.  Each team member has slightly different availability, but as a general guide most provide us with at least three or four full 24 hour days per week including at least one full day of the weekend.  The general idea is that the more flexible you are with your availability (which includes picking up more work in our busy summer months!) the more attractive a candidate you are!

Working flexible + irregular hours

We operate Climbs at all different times of day to suit the demands of our customers. To give you an idea, some of our Climbs might have you starting at 3:30am! Whilst a pre-dawn start won’t be an everyday occurrence, we do need flexibility from our team to work unusual hours. If you hadn’t guessed, this isn’t a regular 9-5 job!

Another consideration is the number of hours we can offer. Tourism is a fantastic industry to work in; however you need to be realistic about the seasonal nature of work within the industry. The quantity of work we can offer is completely dictated by the number of tourists in Sydney and the number of people who want to climb on that day. We recruit to cover specific days of the week when we are at our busiest (generally weekends) so candidates who are looking for two to three days/week work will do well! Obviously there are opportunities to work more over our busy summer months however during the quieter winter months there is traditionally less work available. Make sure you consider this information carefully when deciding to apply.

Peak period

December and January is our busiest time of year – and it’s is all hands on deck at BridgeClimb! Each department has a specific peak period and this means that no leave/absence from work will be approved during this period.

Presentation standards

One of the great things about working at BridgeClimb is the diverse range of people and customers you will get to meet. For this reason BridgeClimb has high expectations for our team’s presentation and team members are expected to present themselves professionally at all times, looking clean and neat. Extreme hairstyles or colours, visible piercings and visible tattoos are prohibited and it is a condition of your employment with BridgeClimb to abide by these standards.  We pride ourselves on providing the highest level of customer service and want to ensure this is reflected in the presentation standards of our team. We want you looking good for our customers!


We have a great team at BridgeClimb who will support you through your training and in your role. We understand that BridgeClimb’s operations are unique and unlike anywhere else you will have worked. As such, we provide a very supportive learning environment and will give you all the tools you need to succeed!


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