BridgeClimbThe Western Outlook

The Western Outlook

This Climb is for you if you're in Sydney for the New Year's Eve Celebrations.

$333 - $333
$233 - $233
The climb path
360° Views
360° Views
3.25 hours
3.25 hours

monday, 30 December only

BridgeClimb has been provided access to limited parts of the Bridge on Monday, 30 December during the City of Sydney’s New Year’s Eve fireworks preparations. Experience the best of both arches on The Western Outlook. Travel along the western lower arch of the Bridge to enjoy steel-framed views of Sydney as you journey to the top. Following a summit celebration with your climb group, you will descend along the western upper arch, taking in a panorama of Australia’s Harbour City as you return to the Climb Base.

Quick facts

  • Monday, 30 December only. Limited morning departures.
  • 3.25 hours. Max. 14 people per group.
  • This is the only Climb route available on Monday, 30 December. Climbs will recommence on Wednesday, 1 January 2020.
  • All Climbs will reach the summit.
  • Due to the unique Climb route, climbers will receive unique photos captured by the Climb Leader.
  • Peak rates apply.
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