The BridgeClimb Experience

See Sydney at its best – take your team on the Climb of Their Life to the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. With our Climb Leader as your guide, your team will suit-up in our specially designed outdoor gear and ascend for breathtaking views as far as the eye can see.

Whether your objective is to motivate or reward your employees with Sydney’s best team building activity, or celebrate an occasion, the BridgeClimb experience will deliver unity, inspiration and a sense of achievement within your group. A BridgeClimb will no doubt help improve your team’s on-the-job attitude, productivity and motivation.

Climbs are available at dawn (limited departures), during the day, twilight and night and we offer 3 different Climb routes than can accommodate groups of any size.

Choose your desired Climb:


The original Climb experience. If you have more time available in your team’ s itinerary, this Climb might be just the trick. In 3.5 hours, your group will take the upper arch to the summit where a panorama of Sydney awaits them.


BridgeClimb Express

Introduced especially for the corporate and incentive market, the benefit of this Climb is time. In 2.25 hours, your group can experience the full BridgeClimb experience – walking along catwalks, climbing over and under parts of the Bridge – and ascending the inner arch to the summit for spectacular views across Sydney

BridgeClimb Sampler

Get a taste of the world famous BridgeClimb! In just 1.5 hours, ascend the inner arch of the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge to a spectacular vantage point halfway to the top. This Climb is available at various times during the day and is suitable if your group would like a shorter and more economical taste of the Bridge without climbing to the summit.

BridgeClimb Mandarin (3.5 hours or 2.25 hours)

Follow either the BridgeClimb or BridgeClimb Express route to the summit led by a Mandarin speaking Climb Leader.

Find out more about the different Climb Routes here.

“At the ABCC, we are extremely lucky to be able to see our Principal Sponsors and Corporate Members at the regular business functions we hold throughout the year. However, it’s not often you can catch-up with them at the top of one of Sydney’s world famous landmarks! The panorama from the top was truly breath-taking. No-one could hide their excitement at being, what felt like, on top of the world.”

David McCredie, CEO, Australia British Chamber of Commerce




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