The Sunset Sessions 2019

Live music with a view like no other

Don’t let the sun go down on your weekend without a sunset serenade. This winter, we welcome back our popular Sunset Sessions: all weekend Twilight Climbs throughout July and August will include a live music performance – you’ll enjoy the visual delight of the day’s sky as it transitions to evening as you listen to a selection of acoustic tunes. This unique musical experience is a special extra for Twilight Climbers, and is included in the standard price of your ticket on Saturdays and Sundays in July and August.

Why Winter Twilight Is Best

Not only will your Climb depart earlier (to match the sun’s earlier descent), there is also some science to the beauty of twilight at this special time of year. Because the air is crisp and clear during the colder months, it enables more light to enter and travel through the atmosphere to create more vibrant shades of pink, purple and red to appear above us just before the sun dips below the horizon.

The weekend Sunset Sessions are only available throughout July and August – don’t miss out on treating your loved one!

Sunset Sessions performances

Four different bands and artists will be performing for the Sunset Sessions. Stay tuned for further updates.

Climb Facts:

  • Available on BridgeClimb or BridgeClimb Express on every Twilight Climb on Saturday and Sunday throughout July and August 2019.
  • This experience includes an unforgettable live music performance at the summit.
  • We will equip you in all the gear you need to climb the Bridge based on the day’s weather conditions – including fleeces, beanies and gloves!

BridgeClimb Opera Australia Competition

How to Book On Our Website:

  • Choose the number of people you’d like to book for
  • Select a Saturday or Sunday in July or August 2019 as the date
  • Select Twilight as your time of day, choose one of the Climb times available on your selected day.
  • Choose your Climb type (both BridgeClimb and BridgeClimb Express will receive the additional musical performance)

Alternatively, if you would like assistance from our team to plan and book your Climb, please get in touch with them here.

Are you ready to climb? Read our Pre-Climb Checklist.

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