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BridgeClimb Sydney, one of Australia’s iconic attractions, has identified strong synergies to work with Australia’s leading tertiary institutions.

BridgeClimb has developed a suite of products designed to be used across a series of undergraduate and post graduate programs. These range from welcoming international students to Sydney and using the BridgeClimb experience to familiarise them with their new city; to in-depth business presentations aimed at post graduate programs. These products are outlined below.

Welcome to Australia package

Inclusion of BridgeClimb Sydney in the Welcome to Australia package provides a memorable introduction to Sydney for the new students, as they experience one of the country’s most recognisable icons. We can combine the Climb with a lunch and trivia at a neighbouring pub which fosters group interaction and educates the students about Sydney in a fun and casual environment.


  • Welcome arrival at BridgeClimb – group met by Climb Leader
  • BridgeClimb Express (2.25 hours)
  • BridgeClimb trivia and lunch at The Australian Heritage Hotel (2 minute walk from BridgeClimb)
    • Trivia led by Climb Leader
    • Trivia questions focus on the information conveyed along the Climb
    • Encourages team building and student interaction
    • Pizza* and Pint included (*Pizza types include crocodile/emu which compliments the ‘Welcome to Australia’ focus)
  • Note: our climbs can be provided with an English or Mandarin speaking Climb Leader


Duration – 3.5 hours

10-12.30pm – BridgeClimb Express (Day)

12.30 – 1.30pm: BridgeClimb Trivia and lunch at The Australian Heritage Hotel


BridgeClimb – The Story and Presentation

A brief history of the business presented in our cinema space combined with a Climb product. This presentation will take students through the history of how BridgeClimb came to be established and performance since.


  • BridgeClimb or BridgeClimb Express
  • History of business presentation


2.25 hours or 3.5 hours (climb)

30 minute presentation


BridgeClimb and Entrepreneurship Presentation

An extended presentation delivered by one of our Executive team representatives, focusing on the entrepreneurialism demonstrated by BridgeClimb’s Chairman and Founder Paul Cave. The presentation will commence with a 10-15 minute video of Paul Cave offering an in-depth look on how he fostered and leveraged his entrepreneur skills to achieve business success. This will be followed by a live presentation by an Executive team representative and opportunity for Q&A.


  • BridgeClimb or BridgeClimb Express
  • Detailed presentation on Entrepreneurship
  • Q&A session


2.25 hours or 3.5 hours (climb)

1 hour presentation

BridgeClimb and Business Challenge

1 hour presentation by BridgeClimb Executive team representative, encompassing;

  • BridgeClimb Chairman and Founder, Paul Cave, to provide introduction via video to the business, focusing on the key details of business establishment, challenges faced and achievements to date
  • In person presentation by a representative from the BridgeClimb Executive on topics such as Strategic Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Risk Management, Operations or Sales and Marketing
  • Presentation to be conducted at BridgeClimb in our cinema space (seats approximately 50 pax)
  • Q&A session to follow presentation
  • Presentation to be followed by climb

Business Challenge posed to students;

  • A business challenge to be posed to students by BridgeClimb
  • In groups of 4-6, students will work over 2 days to come to a solution to the business challenge and present their conclusions in a presentation which is judged by a representative from BridgeClimb’s Executive team.
  • Example Business Challenges include:
    • How can BridgeClimb improve sales in particular markets?
    • How can BridgeClimb attract increased visitors from key international emerging markets? Who are the key demographics which the business should target and via which channels?

Download our University Product Flyer here for further information.



“The whole BridgeClimb experience was a highlight of the program, receiving outstanding feedback from the participants. The staff at BridgeClimb were a pleasure to deal with – their responsiveness and efficiency really adding to the whole experience. We look forward to working with the team at BridgeClimb to bring more groups through in future.” – Gemma Thompson, Project Manager, Strategy, Innovation & Academic Group, AGSM@UNSW Business School | UNSW Australia



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