Delegate Boosting at BridgeClimb

Take your event to new heights

BridgeClimb Sydney is aware of the commitment needed to pull off a successful event which is mostly dependent on the number of delegates. It is important to have a range of initiatives in place to assist with delegate boosting and at BridgeClimb Sydney, we have many ways in which we can assist to take your event to new heights!

Special Delegate Rate | Individual Bookings

  • BridgeClimb Sydney is able to offer your delegates a special Climb rate, accessed through a unique URL provided by us!
  • This special rate is also available for the family and friends of the delegate Climbing, a fantastic event benefit for your delegates.
  • Each individual delegate can book through a unique URL provided by us which can also be added to your event website and collateral.
  • We will provide all associated material such as banner ads, links, email templates and also a flyer that can be inserted in the delegates satchel. It really is that easy!

BridgeClimb Prize Donation

  • BridgeClimb Sydney is happy to donate a BridgeClimb Double Pass as a prize to assist you in gaining early bird registrations, or to be offered as a lucky door prize.
  • In exchange, BridgeClimb Sydney would request exposure through the website, or other agreed promotional channels with all assets provided by BridgeClimb Sydney, meaning minimal efforts from you!

Tailor Your Climb

Planning an event like no other? With one of the most iconic landmarks around the world at our doorstep, incorporating BridgeClimb Sydney is always bound to grasp attention.

  • We can work with you to tailor a Climb for delegates, or for a select group of delegates such as a VIP group or event speakers.
  • We have many ways we can enhance you Climb experience and “wow” your guests. Please speak to us about your options.

Other Activities

  • To engage your delegates further, we are able to have one of our Climb Leaders onsite at your conference wearing the BridgeClimb suit to welcome your delegates on their first morning. Our Climb Leaders are full of interesting knowledge about Sydney and can be on hand to answer any questions.
  • We can also reserve an exclusive date and time where delegates can book to Climb with other delegates of your event. A great way to network and get to know each other before your event takes place.

If you have any queries about any of the options above, or would like to proceed with delegate boosting with BridgeClimb, please contact Jane Hardie on +61 2 9240 1163 or


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