Graduate Climb to the top

GHD has included BridgeClimb as part of their NSW/ACT Graduate Development Program for a number of years and continues to do so as a result of the great feedback they receive from graduates.

This year, 52 staff climbed the Bridge including graduates and a number of high achievers from across the business, in recognition of their hard work. The graduates came from a number of GHD offices across Sydney, Newcastle and Canberra and represented a diverse mix of cultures and backgrounds.

“The experience is a unique way to foster strong team dynamics outside and beyond the usual work environment, and while many of our Graduates are from Sydney, very few have had the opportunity to see the city from such a vantage point!” said Anieka Salgado the Learning and Development and People Coordinator at GHD

She continued “From an organisational perspective, the team at BridgeClimb made the whole experience easy! We had plenty of flexibility to make the event exactly what we were looking for – from the climb inclusions and photo packages, to the perfect sunset timing.”

Graduate Climb


Quick Facts:

 Name of event: GHD Climb

Type: Graduate program / team building / staff reward

Venue: BridgeClimb Sydney

Attendees: 52 graduates and staff

Date: 7 Sept 2017


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