WeChat Scam Costs Chinese Consumers at Australian Tourism Companies Upwards of $100,000

On Thursday 20th October, BridgeClimb Sydney issued a warning to its consumers, through social media and all Chinese booking confirmation emails, to be wary of a recent credit card payment scam using the WeChat platform.

The scam, targeting Chinese consumers of Australian companies including BridgeClimb Sydney and other Australian tourism attractions, is believed to have already cost its victims upwards of 100,000 AUD.

Imposters, claiming to be authorised international ‘agents’ are targeting groups on WeChat, such as Working Holiday Visa groups and taking payments through WeChat from deceived consumers, often at attractive discounted rates, and then use stolen credit card details to make ”full” payment to suppliers.

These purchases are being identified as fraudulent and are subsequently not being honoured by the affected supplier, with victims, who think they have made a valid purchase, being left out of pocket and disappointed.

Police and the fraud squad have identified key accounts involved and are now conducting a formal investigation. Two of the Scammer WeChat group, who have been identified so far, go by the names of “ticketsau” and “gocardsell”.

All consumers who believes they may have fallen victim of a fraudulent BridgeClimb purchase are being asked to please contact the BridgeClimb call centre on (02) 8274 7777 or [email protected] immediately to verify the authenticity of their purchase.

On arrival at BridgeClimb customers are being asked to produce the original credit card used to make the payment in order to verify the means of payment.

Max Futeran, CFO of BridgeClimb said, “We are sympathetic to the small group of consumers who have fallen victim to this scam and are doing everything in our power to prevent further disappointment”.

Those wishing to purchase a BridgeClimb experience, BridgeClimb Gift Certificate, or any tourism package incorporating a BridgeClimb are being urged to do so through a licenced travel agent or to come direct to BridgeClimb via www.bridgeclimb.com or its call centre on (02) 8274 7777.

BridgeClimb is constantly adapting its business to better cater for Chinese visitors and recently added Alipay to its suite of payment options which include direct purchase online via www.bridgeclimb.cn using China Union Pay and all major credit cards, as well as via registered travel agents.