5 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Team Together At The Top Of The Harbour Bridge

There’s no doubt that researching, planning and delivering an unforgettable experience for your work team is a task that carries a lot of pressure. Not only does everyone who attends have to LOVE it, you’ll need to ensure the activity delivers against your business’ employee goals and comes in under budget.

If you’re racking your brains for the best and latest thing to do, it’s been sitting right under your nose for the past 18 years. During this time, we’ve helped create an unforgettable team experience for both small and large groups that has ticked all the boxes.

Here, our Corporate Business Development Manager, Leigh Weller, shares her top tips for why climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge is a great activity for teams:

1. Tick off a personal bucket list item

Why not organise an activity that is something you and your colleagues have always wanted to do, something you would have chosen to spend your free time doing? You’re sure to secure good attendance.

2. Deliver a motivational message in a real-world setting

If you want to talk about reaching the highest goal and overcoming challenges with the sky as the limit, do it from 134 metres above the sparkling harbour with your outstretched fingers almost touching the clouds.

3. Choose an event that will get people talking

Your team will bond during the Climb journey and summit celebration, and can also enjoy sharing stories in one of our private spaces afterwards. They will still be talking about the experience and laughing at photos in the office in the weeks that follow.

4. Get out of the office and raise your heart beat

Considered the equivalent exertion of a nine hole round of golf, you’ll be climbing more than 1,000 steps and revelling in an exhilarating outdoor experience that will get your blood pumping around your body.

5. Face your fear with your team’s support

Around one in twenty people has some fear of heights. While most will revel in the adventure it’s likely one of your colleague will welcome team support while conquering their nerves. You can all toast each other’s personal achievements (of that day and in general) back on the ground!

BridgeClimb creates exceptional events for corporates, teams or groups of any size. If you want to find out more about how we can tailor an experience for your next team event, read more here or get in touch with our team here.