60 seconds with Climb Leader Brett

BridgeClimb recently celebrated 13 years and over 3,000 Climbs with one of its longest standing Climb Leaders, Brett. We asked him what keeps him climbing that Bridge:

After 13 years at BridgeClimb, what keeps you climbing?

I am a relational type person in general, I love people. I respect that each Climber is different with unique histories and stories that brought them to the Bridge. Most Climbers have an interesting and positive energy to give to the Climb and myself. And the view is always sensational.

What is one of your favourite memories?

Getting to boogie with the Village People at the summit. The Construction Worker was unavailable so I got to be the ‘nominal’ sixth member of the band singing the YMCA. We had a great laugh and they were top blokes!

Does any one Climb stand out for you?

Three years ago a young girl called Emma with Cerebral Palsy was sponsored to climb the Bridge, personally raising money for the cause. Helping her succeed with her challenge was incredibly rewarding and a humble reminder of how precious our health is. She was incredibly inspirational - a real life hero!

What keeps BridgeClimb fresh?

Our original Climb will always be a hands down winner, but one of the things I love about working at BridgeClimb, is that we’re constantly coming up with new ideas to add fun to the experience, like the special Climbs we put on for Vivid and Mardi Gras.

Our third special Mardi Gras Climb, coming up next year, will see hats, wigs and novelty glasses, from a colourful props box, safely attached to our Climbers as they sing and dance with their friends on a stage like no other - the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It’s sure to be bags of fun!