A Sky High Kids Birthday Party

Bursting with excitement and energy, eleven adventurous kids from Lower Fort Street Public School attended the first ever birthday party on the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge today. Not only to celebrate our 17th birthday, this party kicks off the launch of our new birthday party packages which are sure to take kids parties to a whole new level!

The festivities kicked off with some pre-Climb face painting in our Climb Base before the group made their journey along the iconic steel arches on a glorious spring day. The kids couldn’t wait to get their first glimpse of the summit, which to their surprise had been specially decorated for the occasion. Also waiting for them was a selection of novelty costume hats in all colours of the rainbow!

As the kids donned their hats and marvelled at the Sydney sights, they were entertained by guitarist Mark Travers, who also led a sky-high ‘Happy Birthday’ sing along.

Back on solid ground, the excited group continued the celebrations with birthday cake in BridgeClimb’s private Cinema, decked out with streamers and balloons. It was the perfect way to end a birthday party like no other!



Today’s birthday party included pre-Climb face painting, party hats, and children’s entertainer complete with guitarist at the summit, post-Climb birthday cake and a personalised birthday message printed on their Climb photos. From today, birthday party enhancements can be added to your Climb booking. Chat to our team.