NYU gets on top of business with BridgeClimb Sydney

Recently, thirty eight students from the NYU Stern School of Business visited Sydney in participation of AGSM & the University of NSW Business School’s Doing Business in Australia program.

During this visit, the group had the opportunity to visit BridgeClimb and learn directly about how this unique and thriving Sydney business was conceived and built by one of Australia’s leading businessmen, Paul Cave.

From a novel concept to a thriving reality, BridgeClimb is the result of a dream that Paul was determined to share with the world. In a presentation led by Dylan Rowland, BridgeClimb’s General Manager of Sales, in BridgeClimb’s private cinema, equipped with theatre seating and large cinema screen, the students were educated on how this novel concept was turned into reality – small group tours to the summit of the internationally renowned Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Before having the opportunity to experience the original 3.5 hour BridgeClimb experience, the group were provided with a private lunch in their own private space inside BridgeClimb’s Visitor Centre, to reflect on their learnings.

To ensure this large group enjoyed a cohesive experience of BridgeClimb’s product, the students were separated into three exclusive groups departing 10 minutes apart. After donning their grey BridgeSuits, each group met their dedicated Climb Leader who led them step by step to the summit of Sydney’s famous coathanger, with a special group photo facilitated at the summit with all 3 climb groups.

“The whole BridgeClimb experience was a highlight of the program, receiving outstanding feedback from the participants. The staff at BridgeClimb were a pleasure to deal with – their responsiveness and efficiency really adding to the whole experience. We look forward to working with the team at BridgeClimb to bring more groups through in future.” – Gemma Thompson, Project Manager, Strategy, Innovation & Academic Group, AGSM@UNSW Business School | UNSW Australia

This tailored group experience was arranged with the UNSW Business School by Leigh Weller, Business Development Manager at BridgeClimb. If you’d like to talk to Leigh about what we can do to make your team’s experience at the Bridge special, please get in touch.

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