World First Love Talent Show To Celebrate Chinese Valentine’s Day

Today, four lucky couples celebrated their connection together by climbing to the summit of the Sydney Harbour Bridge for Chinese Valentine’s Day.

As they neared the peak of the famous “Coathanger” the couples were delighted to find a violinist whom serenaded the group with popular classics such as My Heart Will Go On and The Moon Represents My Heart.

Valentine's Day Violinist

The lucky ladies were were shocked and delighted to discover as each of their male companions  performed something special for their partners – from a moving song dedication, to a charming dance routine, to a poetry reading.

Couple 1_Song_Kevin Ren and Nicole JiCouple 2b_Dance_Adam Leung and Josie ZhouCouple 3_Poem_Andrew Zhang and Minnie Sheng

The Bridge symbolises the annual meeting point of the two banished lovers at the centre of the mythological tale behind this special day, also known as Qixi Festival.

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