Reconciliation Action Plan

BridgeClimb’s vision for reconciliation is to contribute to true equality in Australian society. As part of this, we will seek to use our influence and iconic platform to increase the knowledge and understanding of the incredible First Nations histories of Sydney.

Our RAP commitments include:

  • Building cultural and historical awareness through our Burrawa Climb experience, commentary on all other Climb experiences, plus future products and special events
  • Supporting and partnering with other local businesses and organisations such as Tribal Warriors and Welcome To Country to create revenue opportunities, and industry bodies like the NSW Aboriginal Tourism Operators Council (NATOC)
  • Displaying respect to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and cultures and building cultural awareness among our staff
  • Offering employment opportunities to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples 

BridgeClimb is proud to have received endorsement of our REFLECT Action Plan, and continuing our reconciliation journey with Reconciliation Australia. To view our REFLECT RAP click the link below.