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Trade Mark Information (® and ™)The BridgeClimb bridge logo device and part of our trading name (BridgeClimb) are our Registered Trade Marks ® or Word Marks ® and must not be used without acceptance of the copyright notice above or without our written consent, whichever is applicable. The trade marks (™) below are the claimed property of Feliz Puente Pty Ltd worldwide:-

  • For The Climb of Your Life!
  • BridgeWear
  • BridgeSuit
  • BridgeLamp
  • BridgeFleece
  • BridgeGloves
  • BridgeShell
  • DayClimb
  • TwilightClimb
  • NightClimb
  • DawnClimb
  • The Bridge Climb
  • The Discovery Climb
  • The Express Climb

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Guidelines for use

BridgeClimb is our registered trade name, or name under which we conduct business, and when used in that context, never requires the ® symbol. So, when referring to BridgeClimb as part of our trading name, it is not necessary to use the registered trade mark designation.Always use the company name, BridgeClimb, as a single word with an uppercase “B” and an uppercase “C”.

Correct:     BridgeClimb
Incorrect:  Bridge Climb, Bridgeclimb, bridgeclimb, The BridgeClimb


BridgeClimb Sydney Logo should always include the registered trade mark symbol ® located next to the bottom right hand side of the pylon.It is important to use the trade mark and registered symbols in the following uses: promotional collateral and brochures, company websites, press releases, and advertisements.The ® and ™ symbols are only required the first time the trade mark is referenced in a document. However, in publications consisting of multiple articles or chapters, use the ® and ™ symbols with the first use of the trade mark in each article or chapter. At the end of the entire publication, include the following paragraph outlining the list of applicable trade marks used throughout the publication. “BridgeClimb, [list all trade marks used], are either registered trade marks or trade marks of Feliz Puente Pty Ltd, in Australia and/or other countries.”

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