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the climb experience

On your epic Sydney Harbour Bridge adventure, our expert Climb Leaders will take you on a journey across the iconic arches to experience breathtaking views, discover fascinating facts and keep you safe and entertained along the way. Follow our friend Archie the Koala as he guides you on what to expect on your BridgeClimb journey.


The big day has arrived! You'll start your journey at our BridgeClimb Base at 3 Cumberland Street, Sydney, where you'll be greeted by our team upon check-in.

Pre-Climb checklist:

  • On the day of your Climb, please bring valid photo ID for all adult climbers.
  • Arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled Climb time to allow enough time to check in, grab any refreshments, or use the restroom.
  • We recommend having eaten before you climb to give you the energy to complete the entire 3 hour experience. You can stop by Archies Cafe in the BridgeClimb Base if you need to fuel up before you begin.
  • If you have declared any health concerns, please allow additional time in case assessment is required. Refer to our Climber Health & Safety requirements for more details.


bridgeclimb sydney climber preparation and safety briefing

It's time to gear up! After checking in you will begin your climb preparation and safety briefing. Our team will run you through what you can expect on the Bridge, we will cover all safety requirements - including a mandatory alcohol breath-test and then it's time to get suited up into your climbing gear!  

Climber tip: before you don your Climb Suit, you'll have one final chance to make a toilet stop and store away any personal items, before progressing through to get equipped into your safety harness and climb accessories. 

Depending on your chosen Climb, your total preparation time will be approximately 40 - 50 minutes. Check out our FAQs for more details on prep time vs time on the Bridge.

If you've booked a Summit or Burrawa Climb, part of your prep includes using our ladder simulator. This ensures you can safely and confidently climb the vertical ladders on the Bridge, preparing you for an amazing Climb experience. 

3. IT'S TIME TO climb! 

You're all geared up and ready to go! Time to head out on to the Bridge and see Sydney like never before. We will attach you to our safety guidance system as you leave the building and step out onto the Bridge itself, before you make your ascent along the arches until you reach the Summit and enjoy unforgettable 360-degree views of the harbour and city. 

Depending on your chosen Climb Route you can expect to be on the Bridge for the following durations: 

Upon completion of your Climb you will head through to see our Photo Team to receive your Climb memories. If you haven't pre-purchased your photo package online during the booking process, you will have the opportunity to buy your Climb photos after your climb. You can view our photo packages here.


climbers AND YOUR safety

To participate in a BridgeClimb you need to have a general level of health and fitness, and the ability to climb stairs and ladders independently. Our minimum requirements to climb the Bridge are:

  • Climbers must be at least 8 years of age or older
  • Climbers must be at least 1.2 metres in height
  • Child Climbers are aged 8 - 15 (inclusive) and must be accompanied by an Adult Climber (parent or guardian). There is a maximum of three children allowed under the supervision of one Adult Climber. View our Health & Safety requirements or FAQs for more details on climbing with children.
  • If you’re under 24 weeks pregnant or 75 years of age and older, you will have no issues climbing, but will need to provide a Certificate of Fitness signed by your GP. View our Health & Safety requirements and speak to our team for support prior to booking if this relates to you. 
  • All Climbers will be breathalysed prior to your Climb, and must have a blood-alcohol reading below 0.05 to climb (the same as the legal driving limit). 
  • Accessibility at BridgeClimb - we are here to discuss any specific accessibility needs or questions to support those with a disability to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Find out more here




At BridgeClimb, we're all about making your Climb unforgettable, no matter what the weather throws our way! BridgeClimb is a safe experience in most weather conditions and we will equip you with all the gear you'll need to keep you safe and comfortable throughout your experience.

If it looks like there's a chance of rain during your Climb, we recommend bringing a change of shoes and socks to keep you dry afterwards. And fear not, Summit Squad, the rain won’t dampen your spirits – it adds a unique thrill to the experience!


Our Safety Team, who are out on the Bridge and in our Control Room, closely monitor the weather every day to ensure Mother Nature is playing nice. Even though we love a rain dance on the arches, we will postpone or cancel Climbs during electrical storms, high winds or extreme heat. Rest assured, our team will notify you as early as possible if your Climb needs to be rescheduled. Climbs that are cancelled on the day will be offered a credit to climb again at a time that is suitable or a refund. See our FAQs and Terms and Conditions for full details.  


No worries, we understand that climbing in the rain isn't for everyone, and all of our guests have varying comfort levels when it comes to the conditions. If you prefer to stay dry, you can reschedule your Climb in advance, for a small fee, see our Flexible Booking Policy for more details.


If you're climbing during Summer when temperatures can get a little high, you might get a visit from our Safety Crew and their handy water misters to cool you down while out on the Bridge! The team will also be on hand to offer a refreshing cold towel on your return to base. We of course also provide all Climbers throughout the year with a BridgeClimb cap to wear on the Bridge and offer sunscreen to apply during your preparation time - it's not a day out in the Aussie sun unless you slip, slop, slap! 

Ultimately, we're all about keeping you safe and getting you out on the Bridge feeling confident to have the best experience possible! If you're concerned at all about the weather conditions or want to discuss in more detail just reach out to our team who will be happy to clarify any queries. 



We recommend wearing comfortable clothing (eg. sports or activewear) that is weather appropriate. Depending on the day's forecast, our team will advise you during the preparation and safety briefing whether you need to wear your clothing layers under your Climb suit for extra comfort, particularly during cold weather. We’ll equip you with everything else you need for your Climb, based on the day's conditions. 

All Climbers must wear our specially made protective Climb Suit. You will be provided with a hat that is safely attached to your suit, and other accessories such as a beanie, gloves and rain jacket will be provided for extra warmth if you're climbing during winter. Don't worry, the bright lights and adrenaline will also keep you warm & toasty!

Climbers must wear comfortable, enclosed rubber-soled shoes with shoe-laces, such as running, sport or hiking shoes and don’t forget your sunglasses (if the sun is shining!).


  • Due to Sydney Harbour Bridge security and safety, Climbers are not permitted to take any personal items with them on the climb, other than glasses or sunglasses, which will be safely attached to your Climb suit.
  • Rings or small earrings are able to be left on, however you will need to store any other jewellery or accessories such as watches, bracelets, fitness devices (eg. FitBit), in one of our free lockers.
  • If you have long hair that is tied up, this can be done with a soft elastic hair band only, no clips, bobby pins, or scrunchies. If in doubt, ask a member of our team on the day.
  • Essential medication like asthma inhalers can be taken up on the Climb by your Climb Leader. Please ensure you advise us of this when you check-in.


  • Climbers are unable to bring their own photography equipment on the Bridge, including mobile phones, cameras and GoPros, due to government security requirements for the Sydney Harbour Bridge. However, our awesome Climb Leaders are trained with premium photography equipment to make sure they capture this special memory for you. If you haven't pre-purchased your photo package, you can buy your photos after your Climb. You can find out more about our photo packages here

Read our FAQs for more details on personal items permitted on the Bridge.


We have helped thousands of people challenge their fear of heights by climbing to the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. If you are apprehensive, our team will be there to support and enable you to overcome your fears to climb to the top of Bridge. Let our team know on the day, and they’ll take care of you to make sure you have the best experience. 

read our face your fear tips


Have another question about making a booking, safety requirements or the climb experience? Check out our full FAQs for all the answers! 

We can't wait to see you at the Summit soon!

read our faqs

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