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Welcome to the BridgeClimb Media Portal: Your hub for all content and essential resources! Access company updates, in-depth product details, valuable tools tailored for your next story, and information on filming opportunities on the Sydney Harbour Bridge, all in one convenient location.

BridgeClimb Sydney is an iconic Australian experience that takes you on a journey to the top of the nation’s most famous and celebrated structure – the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

As you ascend to the Summit of the world’s largest steel arch, you’ll experience breathtaking moments, spectacular 360-degree views, and fascinating facts from our expert Climb Leaders about the engineering and cultural history of this world-famous icon, all while ensuring your safety and entertainment.

Each day on the Bridge is unique, offering a new exhilarating adventure to everyone. Whether watching the city awaken at dawn, enjoying spectacular views during the day, experiencing the romance of twilight, or witnessing the illumination of Sydney at night, every Climb promises to captivate climbers from start to finish.

Fun Facts


We have four incredible Standard Climbs that all reach the Summit and include 360° panoramic views of Sydney, unforgettable memories, a commemorative certificate of achievement and a BridgeClimb cap!

Below is a quick summary showcasing the key differences of each of our Climb experiences. We've also included a handy factsheet and links to promotional assets to assist you in educating your staff, and customers.

our Climb Routes

The sydney harbour bridge

The Sydney Harbour Bridge, an iconic symbol of Australia, spans the stunning Sydney Harbour, connecting the city's central business district with the North Shore. Offering breathtaking views of the Sydney Opera House and the city skyline, it holds the accolade of being the world's largest (but not longest) steel arch bridge.

  • In 1932, 11,000 vehicles crossed the Bridge each day. Today, that's grown to more than 160,000 each day.
  • There are seven vehicle lanes, a 24-hour bus lane, two train lines, a footpath and a cycleway.
  • Around 4,000 broken-down vehicles are removed from the Bridge each year.
  • More than 100 people work on maintaining the Bridge each day.
  • The Bridge's highest point is 134 metres above sea level.
  • The arch is 503 metres long.
  • The main deck is 49 metres wide.
  • There is 49 metres clearance underneath for shipping.
  • The Pylons are 89 metres high.
  • Total length (including approaches) is 1,149 metres.
  • The workers involved in building the Bridge assembled:
    • 52,800 tonnes of steel.
    • 6 millions rivets weighing 3,200 tonnes.
    • 95,000m3 of concrete.
    • 272,000 litres of paint to give its first three coats.
  • The arch can rise or fall as much as 18 centimetres due to heating and cooling.
  • It takes 30,000 litres of paint to give the Bridge just one coat.
  • The paint used on the Bridge is specially-mixed and is known as 'Bridge Grey'.
  • Some parts of the Bridge last 30 years before painting, while other pieces are repainted every five years.
  • The road surface is replaced every 15 years or so.
  • The flags on top of the Bridge are replaced every four to six months.

Media & VIP Requests

BridgeClimb extends a warm welcome to celebrities, influencers, and media worldwide! Our seasoned Climb Leaders are experts at capturing the perfect photos and short videos to make your experience memorable.

While mobile phones are not allowed on the Sydney Harbour Bridge, we understand the importance of creating your own media moment. Subject to approval, you can bring your own media equipment to capture the BridgeClimb experience.

For any drone activity aimed at capturing the beauty of the Sydney Harbour Bridge or BridgeClimb, we have a tailored approval process in place. Reach out to us to initiate this process, and we can provide you with the contact details for our preferred drone operator.

To request permission for a media moment using your equipment, please complete the form below.

For VIP, Private Climb, and all other enquiries, feel free to reach out to us directly. We're here to make your BridgeClimb experience extraordinary!

Brock Goodhill, PR Manager
Phone: 0400 285 799
Email: [email protected]

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