Pylon Lookout Special Offer

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Congratulations! You climbed over 200 stairs and reached the Pylon Lookout - are you ready for the Summit of the Sydney Harbour Bridge now? 

Book your BridgeClimb experience online before 31 August 2023 and receive 10% off any of our standard Climbs by using the below promotional code at checkout. 

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SUMMIT (3 hours)

Take in the unmissable views of Sydney as you ascend the upper arch of the Bridge on our original Climb experience. Your journey will take you along the very top of the iconic landmark where you will reach the Summit, 134 metres above the harbour.

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SUMMIT INSIDER (2.5 hours)

You will journey through the heart of the Bridge, a cathedral of steel, before bursting through to the Summit from below. As you ascend the lower arch you’ll be surrounded by beams of steel and the hustle and bustle of the traffic below, enabling you to appreciate the beauty in the Bridge’s construction, and enjoy the 360-degree views that surround you.

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ULTIMATE (3.5 hours)

Conquer the entire Bridge from South to North, and back again. Going where no Climb has gone before, the Ultimate Climb is the most adventurous climb experience in BridgeClimb’s history, and we don’t say that lightly. The first of its kind allowing climbers to conquer the entire breadth of the legendary “Coathanger”.

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Scale to the Summit of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and discover fresh perspectives on the city below with an Indigenous Storyteller as your guide. With Burrawa — a local Aboriginal word that means “above” or “upwards”— climbers step through history with stories that span thousands of years to the present day. This monthly climb experience offers a unique and unmissable immersion into Aboriginal stories and landmarks across the harbour.

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Terms & Conditions:

  • Available on all standard Climb types and times of day - including Dawn, Day, Twilight and Night Climbs
  • Valid on climbs booked before 31 August 2023, and taken until 23 December 2024 (excluding peak period from 25/12/23 - 3/1/24) 
  • Offer not applicable with special offer climbs, or in conjunction with any other offer