Australia Day Ferrython Climb

Get the ultimate view from the arches of the Sydney Harbour Bridge as you dance to the best Aussie rock!

Do something really patriotic on Australia Day – summit one of our country’s favourite icons. Feel the Aussie wind in your hair as you stand at the top, alongside our country’s flag, surrounded by a panorama of your gorgeous city as you listen to a soundtrack of the best Aussie rock through your headset!

The Ferrython is one of the most popular events to see on Sydney Harbour on Australia Day and we have the best viewing spot for you to enjoy the spectacle. Dance to your favourite AC/DC and INXS hits 134 metres above the glistening harbour as you watch the ferries racing below.

Want to take in the view with us?

If you’re interested in enjoying this unique experience and seeing the Australian Day Ferrython from the top of the Bridge, we recommend booking a Australia Day Ferrython Climb on 26th January 2019 (booking instructions below), as this experience will be tailored to ensure you are standing on the summit to witness this novel Australian race.

As usual, we will also have Climbs departing throughout the day so you can enjoy a fresh perspective on your own backyard whether it be during the day, twilight or night.

Australia Day 2016

Climb Facts:

  • 3 hour Climb experience. Max. 14 people per group.
  • 1,002 steps.
  • This Climb follows the route of our BridgeClimb Express route
  • You will ascend via the lower eastern arch (Opera House side) and will enjoy 20-30 minutes of viewing the Australia Day Ferrython from the summit.
  • You will listen to a playlist of iconic Australian rock bands through your headset during your Climb.

How to Book A Climb On Australia Day On Our Website:

  • Choose the number of people you’d like to book for.
  • Select 26 January 2019 as the date.
  • Select your time of day.
  • Select a departure time.
  • Choose your Climb time.

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