underside of Sydney Harbour Bridge

The Bridge

The Bridge

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is much more than a landmark. It’s much bigger, much more important than that.

For Sydneysiders, we’ve driven it, walked it, drifted under it and had that wonderful feeling wash over them when first catching a glimpse of it through the window of a homeward-bound flight.

The heritage-listed steel arches are an iconic image of Sydney and of Australia - and we want to share it with the world.

Opened in 1932, “The Coathanger” as it is affectionately know to locals, holds a historic tale of construction that still fascinates locals and people from all over the world.

Positioned across Sydney’s breathtaking natural harbour, the Bridge has become one of the most photographed features of our beautiful city. 

Pylon Lookout Sydney Harbour Bridge
Pylon Lookout
Trusses Sydney Harbour Bridge
The Summit Sydney Harbour Bridge
The Summit
Happy BridgeClimb climber
Climbing the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge is always a thrill, with spectacular views of the harbour and the city.
William Pestke, BridgeClimb Master, 18 climbs