10 Million Unique Visitors For One Unique Experience In Sydney

As BridgeClimb Sydney moves towards its twelfth anniversary this year, it has marked a milestone in the global online marketplace by reaching 10 million unique visitors to the BridgeClimb website; www.bridgeclimb.com.

With over 50% of all Climbers now using the BridgeClimb website to book their ultimate Sydney experience, the company recognises that an effective online presence and an innovative website is critical to the customer experience.

Angela Slater, Divisional Manager of Marketing and Sales for BridgeClimb Sydney comments, “Digital communication has become central to our business, and welcoming our 10 millionth unique visitor reminds us of the importance of continuing to innovate the online experiences we provide to Bridge visitors from around the world”.

The BridgeClimb website has had numerous faces over the years, the latest of which was launched in October 2009 to coincide with the opening of BridgeClimb’s new Climb Base, which is home to the Sydney Harbour Bridge Visitor Centre and the newest climbing adventure The Express Climb.

The current website features clean, functional design and user-friendly navigation which simplifies the booking process for customers. The website also features rich media, maps, custom image galleries and multilingual capabilities to give visitors an interactive and engaging online experience.

Angela continued, “It is essential that our website delivers an experience that harnesses the same levels of excitement and inspiration our team deliver on the Bridge. As a result our website has become not only a place that starts their journey but also a place where they come back to share and reflect on their experience with Sydney’s icon”.