40 Climbs to the top, with no plans to stop

BridgeClimb Sydney has welcomed back their most frequent Climber, 83 year old Lloyd Poulton, for his 40th Climb to the summit of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Lloyd celebrated the occasion with friends at the summit, showing them why after 40 climbs, BridgeClimb is still one of his favourite experiences in Sydney.

Since Lloyd’s first climb in 2001 he has had almost 200 photos taken, climbed over 52,000 steps, walked 62 kilometres and spent more than 135 hours scaling the famous Bridge. Lloyd never tires of the experience and has a special relationship with many of the BridgeClimb staff.

Lloyd said, “I have made some great friends here at BridgeClimb, and the reason why I keep coming back is simply because every time I climb, I enjoy the experience just as much as the time before. You haven’t seen the last of me yet”.

Lloyd’s passion for climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge has not waivered and he is already planning his 41st Climb for his 84th birthday on the 2nd October.

BridgeClimb staff congratulated Lloyd and presented him with BridgeClimb’s new premium print which features an architectural representation of the Bridge with Climber’s personal images included.