Barbershop Quartet Serenades Climbers from 134m High for the Best Sydney Sunsets of the Year

From Sunday 3rd July in Sydney and throughout the five Sundays in July 2016, a Barbershop Quartet will serenade Climbers on every Twilight Climb, as they reach the summit of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.


Following an ascent of the iconic Bridge to a unique vantage point 134m above the sparkling harbour, four performers from Sydney Harmony will tune-up with a carefully attached pitch whistle, and perform a selection of romantic tunes.


Hosts BridgeClimb are encouraging Sydneysiders and travellers to reclaim their Sunday evenings - and to do it this winter, when they can enjoy the best sunsets of the year in Sydney.


Sydney’s winter is a special time of year as the air is crisp and clear which enables more light to enter and travel through the atmosphere to create more vibrant shades of pink, purple and red before the sun sets.


This unique musical experience is a special extra for Twilight Climbers, and is included in the standard price of your ticket.


The top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge is one of the world’s most romantic locations and has seen more than 5,000 engagements, countless anniversary celebrations and 27 weddings.


BridgeClimb offers a truly memorable experience, perfect for special occasions, family adventures, team building and corporate events. Information on and tickets for all BridgeClimb experiences are available at or call (02) 8274 7777.