BridgeClimb Celebrates 15 Years at the Top

Sydney’s Top Tourist Attraction Reflects on 15 Years of Summiting More than 3 Million Climbers

On Tuesday 1st October 2013, BridgeClimb Sydney celebrates 15 years guiding locals and internationals on the unforgettable journey to the top of the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge.

The actualisation of Chairman and Founder, Paul Cave’s pioneering dream, was a protracted journey of 10 years to obtain Government approval to operate. It is now widely considered one of the world’s ‘must-do’ activities.

Since it opened and welcomed its first climber on 1st October 1998, BridgeClimb has seen more than 3 million climbers summit the iconic structure from more than 137 countries.

BridgeClimb Chairman and Founder, Paul Cave, said, “We’re delighted to be celebrating our 15th birthday. It has been an honour and a privilege to provide lifetime memories for millions of residents and guests of Sydney.”

A worldwide audience has witnessed some memorable characters join BridgeClimb throughout the years, including:
 100 year old Chris Muller
 Australian Olympic athletes Kieren Perkins & Zali Steggall; who carried the Olympic Torch to the top
 Lloyd Poulton; who made a record-breaking 50th Climb in 2012 and recently completed his 61st climb
 Oprah Winfrey; who climbed with 315 of her Ultimate Viewers and declared “There is no better way to see [Sydney] in all of its glory.”

BridgeClimb has also diversified its offering from the original, and still the most popular experience, The Bridge Climb.

Today climbs run around the clock and also operate on the lower arch for those keen to explore the engineering mastery from the heart of the bridge on The Discovery Climb. Those shorter on time are encouraged to take The Express Climb and The Mandarin Climb was launched in early 2013 for the Chinese speaking market.

“We look forward to crafting further enhancements and industry innovations that further enrich the customer experience and appeal to new markets”, Cave concluded.

To mark the occasion, Facebook fans, current and new, are being invited to tell BridgeClimb what milestone they would like to celebrate at the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. One fan will be selected to receive a climb for 15 people: