BridgeClimb Launches a New Experience – BridgeClimb Sampler

Today, 1st October 2014, BridgeClimb launches its newest Climb - the ‘BridgeClimb Sampler’: a shorter and economical ‘taste’ of the iconic BridgeClimb that will broaden access to the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

The one and a half hour introduction to the renowned BridgeClimb experience takes Climbers half way to the top of the Bridge. It is ideal for customers looking to take the first steps to challenge height concerns or those short on time.

The BridgeClimb Sampler launch takes place on the 16th birthday of BridgeClimb. In those 16 years the organisation has summited more than 3.2 million Climbers from more than 137 countries.

BridgeClimb has turned the Sydney Harbour Bridge from a postcard into a global bucket list experience. The new BridgeClimb Sampler is a shorter and economical taste of the world famous BridgeClimb. Through this new ‘taster’ experience, the BridgeClimb Sampler broadens access to the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

BridgeClimb Sampler Climbers suit-up before latching onto the BridgeClimb safety line. They are then guided along catwalks and walkways, before ascending the inner arch to a spectacular vantage point half-way to the top of Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Once Climbers are half way to the top, they cross to the western side of the Bridge, and, taking a photo en route, they then descend back to our Climb Base.