BridgeClimb says ‘Konnichiwa’ to Japanese Climbs

BridgeClimb Sydney is excited to launch a brand new Japanese Climb, beginning the 1st November 2019. The Japanese Climb is launching with four Climbs per week and allows Japanese visitors to see the best of Sydney from the top of the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge, guided by an expert Climb Leader and Japanese Translator.

BridgeClimb’s new offering has been led by the growth of incoming visitors from Japan entering Australia as recent International Visitor Survey reports show.

  • Japan ranked NSW’s sixth-largest incoming international visitors
  • Sydney is the destination for 95% of visitors from Japan to NSW
  • As of June 2019, the total number of visitors coming to Australia from Japan is 484,300, up 9.3% YoY

BridgeClimb has previously hosted a Taiko drum performance and a traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony atop the Sydney Harbour Bridge, both world firsts to celebrate the coming together of Australian and Japanese cultures.

BridgeClimb’s CEO Chris Zumwalt states, ‘Similarly to industry reports, over the last five years we’ve seen a 50% increase in climbers from Japan. With our latest climb offering, we are thrilled to welcome more Japanese visitors to enjoy one of the world’s most iconic tourism experiences.”

The BridgeClimb Summit Express (Japanese), follows along the lower arch of the Bridge, ascending the cathedral of steel and bursts through to the Summit from below. This Climb has a duration of 2.5 hours, with a maximum of 14 people per Climb group. 

For more information please visit the BridgeClimb website