Chinese Water Drummers Light Up the Sky as the Sydney Harbour Bridge Turns Red for the First Time t

On 7th February 2016, BridgeClimb hosted a world first Chinese Water Drum ceremony at the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge to commemorate the Bridge turning red for the first time as part of Sydney’s Chinese New Year celebrations.

Six drummers performed in front of a group of surprised Mandarin speaking Climbers who were scaling the Bridge as part of the limited edition The Karaoke Climb, to celebrate the Year of the Monkey whilst enjoying an authentic Sydney experience.

The iconic Bridge joins its sister icon, the Sydney Opera House, in being dressed with powerful red lights, the traditional colour of Chinese celebrations, from 6th to 8th February.

The performers from the Australia Oriental Singing and Dancing Group stood at the summit lit up by the Bridge’s red glow, holding LED drumsticks ready for the dramatic after dark show.

Each drum is lit up from within with multi-coloured flashing lights and has a thin layer of water on the drum skin. Each beat saw droplets rising into the air picking up the lights like effervescing volcano lava.

BridgeClimb Climb Leader, Joanne Wu said, “The Sydney Harbour Bridge is a perfect place to commemorate a special moment and deeply explore Sydney. The always breathtaking view is especially exciting with the city and sparkling harbour masked in a vibrant red glow”

Running from 1st to 21st February, The Karaoke Climb features popular Chinese, Japanese and Korean karaoke favourites, voted for by our social media audience, and follows the BridgeClimb Mandarin route to the summit 134 meters above the harbour.

Climbers safely ascend the arches of one of Australia’s best loved icons, towards plasma TV screens, microphones and concert style speakers all staged on the summit.

It is a further demonstration of BridgeClimb’s ongoing commitment to foster partnerships with China.

Other limited edition and one off experiences tailored to enhance the BridgeClimb experience for Chinese Climbers have included a Lion Dance performance at the summit, a Moon Festival celebration, a Mahjong championship event, and a magnificent 15-metre long Dragon scaling the arches of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

For more information in English, please visit, or for more information in Mandarin, please visit or call (02) 8274 7777.