Climbing Towards Gelato Heaven on the Sydney Harbour Bridge

BridgeClimb and Cow & The Moon Open World’s First Gelato Bar 134 Metres Above Sydney Harbour

Some would say eating gelato on a glorious autumn day is as iconic Australian as the Sydney Harbour Bridge itself. Now, for the first time, BridgeClimb Sydney, together with gelato artisans, Cow & The Moon, are combing the two iconic activities and are opening the world’s first gelato shop atop the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

On Saturday 1st April, gelato lovers climbed a little closer to gelato heaven by journeying to the summit of the famous ‘Coathanger’, 134 metres above the sparking harbour. There they enjoyed the delights of the world’s best gelato which is a suitable dessert to a main course of a bucket list experience.

Cow & The Moon, a family-run gelato and coffee bar based in Enmore Sydney, today served international award winning gelatos to 7 lucky Climbers, including excited 10 year old Bella Ireland and her proud mum Narelle Ireland.

The delicious treats served were:

  • Mandorla Affogato; 2014 Gelato World Tour Winner in Rimmini Italy

  • Passionfruit Crème; 2015 Australian Grand Dairy Awards Grand Champion Dairy Product

  • Pomegranate Gelato; a smooth must have Enmore favourite

Bella said, “Climbing to the top of the Bridge was amazing. I couldn’t believe it when I saw an ice cream man at the top of the Bridge with a white hat and a red bow tie. He let me try all three flavours. They were so delicious and I can’t wait to tell my friends!”

Narelle said, “BridgeClimb has been on our bucket list and I knew bringing my daughter to climb would be a special family moment, but this is something we’ll always remember.”

The two Australian icons came together in their mutual goal to make Sydney smile, creating premium experiences for Australians and international visitors alike.

Owner John Crowl said “Eating gelato is always a special occasion but what could be better than eating your favourite flavour on top of an icon, admiring the best view of Sydney. With everything that takes place on the climb, senses of sight, touch, hearing and smell are already wildly stimulated, and it’s only fair that taste should be invited to join the party.”


By the way, happy April Fool’s Day!


Did you believe BridgeClimb had opened a gelato bar on the Bridge? We do hope so! In fact, we have had many Climber requests in jest for coffee shops, hot dog stands and, yes, ice creams.

This gelato experience was a one-off for a single lucky group of Climbers, but that’s not to say we can’t cater to group request going forward, we do pride ourselves on being able to personalise an already premium experience, so we love investigating requests.

This is our fourth April Fool’s joke, follow 2016’s Koala making a home on the Bridge, 2015’s Mad Hatter’s High Tea Party (with invisible tea) and 2014’s Happy Flash Mob at the summit.