Dancers Light Up the Sydney Harbour Bridge for Diwali

On Tuesday 10th November, The Hindu Council of Australia and BridgeClimb collaborated to host the first ever celebration atop the Sydney Harbour Bridge for Diwali; the ‘Festival of Light’, the biggest and the brightest festival in the Hindu calendar.

Five artists from Holiya Dance Group and Sydney Sanskrit School, wearing colourful traditional dance headwear paired with their grey BridgeClimb suits.

Performers danced with glowing Dandiya sticks, a prop for one of most popular Indian dances Garba, on a summit stage dressed in bright white lights, with the Sydney Opera House illuminated in the background.

The first performance took place 134 metres above the sparking harbour during twilight, to best display the expressive dance. The classical dance symbolises devotion to the Gods and prayer for the prosperity of everyone.

The second dance, performed after dark as is traditional for Diwali festival celebrations, is one of the most popular dance forms – Garba. It is loved by the Hindu community world over and danced during the festive seasons.

The world-first performance was attended by ten special guests from the Hindu Council of Australia (HCA) and OFBJP Australia, including HCA Chairman, Prof Nihal Agar AM and OFBJP Australia President, Balesh Dhankhar.

Prof Nihal Agar AM said, "We are very happy and excited to celebrate Diwali, which is most celebrated festival for Hindus in Australia and around the world, on the top of Harbour Bridge. The fusion of colours and lights of Diwali with the views atop Harbour Bridge has made this celebration very special. I would like to thanks BridgeClimb and whole team who partnered with HCA to organise such an iconic event."

“The unique combination of colourful Diwali celebrations combined with stunning views atop the Sydney Harbour Bridge is breathtaking, making it one of the best locations to celebrate this special time. I am sure this will inspire a number of people to come and celebrate Diwali here next year,” said Balesh Dhankhar.

Guests became a part of the ‘Festival of Light’ themselves, wearing special BridgeClimb vests fitted with flashing lights, which will also be available for a limited time to Climbers on The Vivid Climb 2016.

BridgeClimb was thrilled to be a part of this world-first celebration for a globally renowned festival whilst giving Climbers the opportunity to create unique memories atop one of Australia’s best loved icons.

It is a further demonstration of BridgeClimb’s ongoing commitment to foster partnerships with international markets.

In the last few years, BridgeClimb has hosted special limited edition Climbs and one-off special events for local and international festivals and celebrations including, Chinese New Year, Chinese Moon Festival, Valentines Day, Vivid Sydney and Mardi Gras Sydney.

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