Discover the Stories of Sydney’s Icon at the New Free Sydney Harbour Bridge Visitor Centre

The Sydney Harbour Bridge Visitor Centre is now open for everyone to discover the stories of the world famous Sydney Harbour Bridge. This is the first free and fully accessible Visitor Centre that is dedicated to the people’s Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Located at BridgeClimb, at 3 Cumberland Street The Rocks, the Sydney Harbour Bridge Visitor Centre houses a digital high definition cinema and a Bridge exhibition that informs, celebrates and connects visitors with the world famous Sydney Harbour Bridge.

The Bridge exhibition shares the many stories of the Sydney Harbour Bridge through informative exhibits and fun interactive displays. Visitors will have the opportunity to discover the stories of the visionaries, engineers, designers, the skilled tradesmen and labourers, the 16 men that lost their lives during its construction, and the one man that miraculously survived the long fall from the Bridge. The exhibition also documents and celebrates the events that took place at the Sydney Harbour Bridge’s famous opening ceremony in 1932.

Visitors can enjoy two specially made films that are continuously screened throughout the day in the digital high definition 46-seat cinema. The first film, Building the Bridge, captures the construction of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Visitors will be able to step back in time and see how this amazing structural masterpiece was put together under the often harrowing working conditions of the 1920’s and 30’s. Witness the skillful and courageous labourers lift the massive steel girders during the Bridge’s construction and feel their pride as the two arches of the Bridge are finally joined. It’s an inspiring film not to be missed.

The people’s Sydney Harbour Bridge has been the centrepiece for the community’s celebrations since it opened in 1932. The second film, Celebrations, captures the spirit of these events. From the excitement of the Sydney Harbour Bridge’s official opening ceremony in 1932 to Sydney’s world renowned New Year’s Eve fireworks, this film shares Sydney’s celebrations every day!