Dream to Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge Despite Cerebral Palsy

On Thursday 1 December, despite the challenges of Cerebral Palsy, 21 year old Andrew achieved his dream of climbing to the top of the Sydney harbour Bridge, two days ahead of International Day of People with Disability.

Andrew set his sights on the summit on his 21st birthday more than 6 months ago. His journey kicked off from his first visit to BridgeClimb in May 2016, when he was encouraged to develop an action plan to help him succeed in the 1,002 step journey.

He worked closely with the Cerebral Palsy Alliance, his trainers and BridgeClimb over more than 6 months to develop a bespoke mental and physical training program, take part in on-site assessments to review his progress and to tailor the program.

With the additional motivation of International Day of People with Disability, Saturday 3rd December 2016, Andrew became ready to demonstrate that his disability didn’t stop him achieving his goal.

Climbing with his brother Luke, mum Janet, Dad Graeme, Exercise Physiologist from Cerebral Palsy Alliance, Teigan Butchers and BridgeClimb Customer Relations Manager, Dave Franke, who have been by his side throughout his journey, they were rewarded with Andrew’s sense of achievement and 360 degree views of Sydney from 134 metres above the harbour.

Andrew said “If you set your mind to it and train hard, you can do anything”, when asked what he would say to others who want to Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge, but face their own personal challenges.

Teigan said, “Watching Andrew work so hard to obtain his dream and climb to the top of the Bridge has been incredible. Every step has been a challenge for Andrew, but we both agreed he could do it and he did!”

The Climb to the top of the Bridge and back down is considered the equivalent excursion to an 18 hole round of golf, and has been completed by more than 3.5 million people aged 8 to 100.

BridgeClimb Climb Leader Brett said from the summit, “It was a joy to host Andrew on this special Climb. All our Climbers feel pride as they conquer the Sydney harbour Bridge, but Andrew’s unique journey and sense of achievement to get to where we stand now is evident in the smile on his face.”

BridgeClimb has enjoyed sharing in summit celebrations, and collaborated in the journey of many Climbers overcoming personal challenges. These have included physical or mental disabilities, personal fitness, weight loss and a fear of heights.

BridgeClimb encourages anyone to get in contact to discuss their own personal challenges and ways to work towards overcome them.

BridgeClimb is a truly memorable experience, perfect for special occasions, family adventures, team building and corporate events.

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