Four China celebrities with their parents share bonding moments on Sydney Harbour Bridge

Four China celebrities with their seven parents completed a climb to the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge on Monday 16 November 2015, sharing a triumphant group cheer as simply as parents and children enjoying a once-in-a-lifetime moment.

The four celebrities were Oscar Sun, Yin Xiaotian, Evone Xie and Liu Yan, all popular actors in China. All travelled with both parents except Sun who was joined by his mother to Sydney to take part in the BridgeClimb, a very local experience.

The 11 were filming Travel with Parent Season 2, which is scheduled to air in China in January next year. Hosted by Jiangxi Radio and TV station, Travel with Parent is the first TV programme in which Chinese celebrities take their parents globe-trotting to promote filial piety among the Chinese public. The travel TV series has an estimated 200 million TV viewers across China and 300 million clicks on its Internet broadcast.

After slipping into the BridgeClimb grey onesie, which all climbers wear for comfort and safety, the 11 journeyed to the top of the iconic steel structure 134 meters above the sparkling Sydney Harbour. They took the BridgeClimb Mandarin Climb which specially caters to the growing Chinese market.

BridgeClimb Mandarin Climb Leaders not only lead, answer climbers’ questions but also assist and encourage nervous participants so everyone can enjoy the experience. Sun was a little nerve wrecking at first but with the encouragement from his mum and BridgeClimb leaders he soon relaxed and accomplished the climb.

Yin and Xie were keenly interested in the bridge’s structure. “This is a very special bridge. The structure is simply marvelous,” commented Yin.

The BridgeClimb gave Xie an up-close and personal experience to look at the details of the amazing construction. She had heard about the Moruya granite used to construct the Pylon structure. Bridge chief engineer, J.J.C. Bradfield, had heard the Aboriginal Native Australians belief that Moruya granite has healing powers, and wanted to use the granite for the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Liu was mesmerized by the panoramic bird’s eye view atop the Bridge. “This is such a beautiful harbour. I really recommend that everyone should climb the Bridge if you are in Sydney. And you should go all the way to the top!” she said.

The four celebrities now join an international roll call of celebrities who have climbed the Bridge, including popular Chinese celebrity Nicky Wu, who climbed the Bridge at the end on 2013 while in Australia to experience Sydney’s best coastal lifestyle, food and wine, nature and adventure activities.

Since the introduction of BridgeClimb Mandarin in 2013, BridgeClimb has welcomed over 35,000 Chinese climbers and continues to show a strong commitment to the Chinese market.

BridgeClimb has hosted many special events and created several Climb products connected to Sydney’s globally renowned festivals, such as Vivid Sydney and Chinese New Year.

To celebrate Chinese New Year 2016, BridgeClimb will once again offer The Karaoke Climb from 1 to 21 February. Complete with two giant plasma screens, microphones, and a song list featuring eight of China’s most popular karaoke classics chosen by Chinese citizens in China via a Weibo and WeChat competition, climbers can sing their hearts out with family and friends on a unique stage 134 metres above the harbour.

BridgeClimb also offers tailored Climb experiences for large groups, ranging from 10 to 10,000 or more, with the ability to operate under a super capacity model that allows for more frequent departures and increased group sizes.

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