“I’m not done with my childhood yet!” Exclaims 89 Year Old BridgeClimb Master On His 120th Ascent of

On Tuesday 20th September, in Sydney, BridgeClimb’s most frequent Climber, 89 year old Lloyd Poulton, Climbed to the summit of the Sydney Harbour Bridge for the 120th time.

In his twilight years, Climb Master Lloyd Poulton is living an extraordinary life. Now retired he splits his time between his homes at Edgecliff and Nowra and is always on the go, climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge, sailing yachts, piloting small air crafts and even bungee jumping.

Lloyd is welcomed as a friend by BridgeClimb and has shared many milestones with the Bucket List attraction. He climbed for the 87th time to celebrate his 87th birthday and had his 100th Climb commemorated with “Lloyd Poulton’s Step”; a golden plaque accompanied by a photo story board of his unprecedented accomplishment.

The adventurer’s personal nature and a genuine fascination with the engineering masterpiece give him a special appreciation for the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

This appreciation began when his mother took him, aged 5, to the opening of the Bridge. A memory he still treasures. Since then he has sailed under it, walked across it and flown over it – piloting several light aircrafts himself. Climbing over it was something he had to accomplish also.

Lloyd says the Bridge certainly hasn’t changed, but many element of the BridgeClimb experience have evolved. On his first Climb commentary was delivered by Climb Leaders projecting their voices to the group. Today the Climb group listen to the history of Sydney and the building of the Bridge through radio headsets. When Lloyd first climbed there was one route that departed during the day. Now there are there different Climb routes and Climbs depart all around the clock, 364 days of the year.

Lloyd certainly isn’t afraid of heights but acknowledges they’re not for everyone, His wife, though very supportive, prefers to stay on the ground, but he has always enjoyed heights and has clocked up almost 6,000 hours as a pilot. He believes wearing the safety belt and being attached to the Bridge at all times helps climbing to feel very safe and the Climb Leaders help climbers keep focus on the fantastic views. BridgeClimb look forward to welcoming Lloyd back for his 121st in the near future.

Lloyd remarked at the top of the Bridge, 134 metres above the harbour, “Many people say I’m living a second childhood, but my wife tells me I haven’t left my first one yet.”

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