Six Chinese Visitors’ Intensive One-day Introduction to Iconic Australia

From dawn till dusk on Friday 15th July, in Sydney, six Chinese visitors were treated to an authentic Introduction to Australia with a 12 hour intensive itinerary of the nation’s best loved experiences. The comprehensive day included a climb to the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge to see the sun rise, a surf lesson at Bondi Beach and a fitting of the iconic Australian hat, Akubra, for them to keep.

The six winners of a competition, ran with online travel agent comprised 3 ‘Besties’ from Beijing, visiting Australia for the first time, two international students studying here for 1.5 years and a Chinese local who moved to Sydney 10 years ago. Each of them gained a new understanding of Australia and what makes it tick, in just one day.

The day started with two Mandarin speaking Climb Leaders taking the group up Australia’s beloved Sydney Harbour Bridge, to a fantastic panorama 134 metres above the sparkling Harbour with accompanying Chinese commentary on the history of the city and the Bridge. Here they watched the skies change from black, to orange, to bright blue as the sun rose majestically behind the Sydney Opera House and the sleeping city awoke.

Guan Xu, a teacher travelling with two friends from Beijing said, “I had been nervous to Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge but was determined to face the challenge with my bestie friends. I was surprised at how safe it was and now I feel so proud of myself and can’t wait to surprise my friends back home with the story. We have travelled all over the world together, but watching the sun rise on this amazing day will be a favourite travel memory”.

Next they journeyed to Bondi Beach for a master class from local surf school Let’s Go Surfing to try the nation’s signature sport. Within a 1.5 hour lesson, the six were waist deep in the sea and safely catching small waves.  Most were standing for a few brief but exciting seconds and all were smiling and squealing with surprised delight.

Having built up an appetite from the morning’s activities, the group were treated to a seafood platter at The Waterfront restaurant back at Sydney Habour. There they indulged in some of Australia’s fresh local produce, including lobster, oysters and crab, while looking up at a postcard view of the Bridge they climbed earlier.

A speed boat journey around the harbour with Yellow Water Taxis provided a new breathtaking perspective of the great Bridge and its sister icon the Sydney Opera House; with a surprise guest sighting of a sunbathing baby seal. The group then continued to explore the city from the top deck of the Sydney Explorer bus with Mandarin commentary provided.

The finale in the truly authentic ‘Aussie’ day took place at one of Sydney’s most historically rich shopping areas, The Strand Arcade, where each received a personal style assessment and fitting for an Akubra Hat, a brand which has transcended its heritage as an Australian Farmer’s must-have, to inner-city high fashion.

Dennis, an Electrical Engineering student at The Sydney of University, living in Sydney for 18 months said, “I’m so glad I had the chance to really get to know and experience Sydney today. I really hadn’t expected the extent of the history, diversity and beauty here”. When asked if he would wear his Akubra hat, personally selected and shaped for his style and stature, he responded, “Yes. Maybe every day. Even to class”.

BridgeClimb was thrilled to host a day celebrating many of the pastimes that make Australia great.  The six visitors from China showed it can take just 12 hours to gain a deeper appreciation and knowledge of what Australia is all about. Their Akubra hats will last them a lifetime, as will the memories they built with friends, new and old.

As well as a daily departing Mandarin speaking climb, BridgeClimb hosts many special limited edition Climbs and one-off special events especially for Chinese visitors including, The Karaoke Climb for Chinese New Year, A Chinese Moon Festival Event Climb and Chinese Valentine’s Day Event Climb.

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