Lucky Luna New Year Party Atop the Sydney Harbour Bridge

A Lucky Luna New Year Party was today held at the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge by BridgeClimb, as part of Sydney’s Chinese New Year celebrations.

On 8th February, eight lucky competition winners climbed to the summit of an Australian icon and got to exclusively preview eight songs associate with ‘luck’ from The Karaoke Climb 2018; the 4th in the annual series of special event Climbs that run over the Luna New Year period.

They enjoyed lucky gourmet cakes surrounded by eight red decorations denoting luck. And it all took place 134 metres (1+3+4 = 8) above the sparkling harbour.

The adventure started at check in, as Climbers were handed a lucky red envelope containing their ticket to the sky-high celebration, and presented with a ‘Lucky the Dog’; a ‘BridgeSuit’ wearing soft toy dog created for the first 1,000 participants of The Karaoke Climb 2018.

Following their safety preparations, Climbers were led up the coat hanger by a Mandarin Speaking Climb Leader who shared stories on the secrets of Sydney, the history the harbour and the building of the Bridge.

As they took the last few steps to the summit, they were surprised with a live musical performance from Tina Gao, a popular singer in the Australian Chinese community, singing 我的中国心 (My Chinese Heart).

The entertainments continued with a touch of ‘harbour side dining’ as guests enjoyed lucky traditional cakes from China Town’s famous Golden Century Seafood Restaurant while taking in a 360 degree views of the great City.

Their Climb Leader then led them to a stage like no other, between the East and West arches, where two plasma TV screens, microphones and concert style speakers were set up ready for an exclusively preview of The Karaoke Climb 2018, a day before the official launch to the public.

Tina kicked off the karaoke with a rendition of 甜蜜蜜 (Almost a Love Story) rallying all the guests to join in with her, mid-way through the song.

BridgeClimb Climb Leader, Sherry (Shu-Wei) Chang said, “Chinese New year is a fantastic time to celebrate good fortune with family and friends and singing karaoke at the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge under a brilliant blue sky is a very special way to see the New Luna Year in. There is no doubt everyone here feels very lucky”.

Running from 9th February to 2nd March, this is the 4th in the annual series of The Karaoke Climb, delighting Mandarin speaking Climbers over the Chinese New Year period. This year it features popular Chinese songs that are associated with ‘luck’ by our social media audience.

Other limited edition and one off experiences tailored to enhance the BridgeClimb experience for Chinese Climbers have included a Lion Dance performance at the summit, a Tai Chi event, a Mahjong championship event, and a magnificent 15-metre long Dragon scaling the arches of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

For more information in English, please visit, or for more information in Mandarin, please visit or call (02) 8274 7777.