The Richies Commentate Rivalry on the Sydney Harbour Bridge (SHB) For the 2017/18 Test Series

It was a great to be out in the “white or the off-white or the bone no it was the grey” for the SHB 2017 Test Series, as Australia and England went head-to-head in a gallant race to the summit of Sydney Harbour Bridge commentated by the late cricket icon Richie Benaud, in the form of fan base ‘The Richie’s’.

The meeting of these two icons was well over due and the traditional test cricket opening of “Welcome everyone to a marvellous day here at the SHB” made for an exciting days play on the arches of the SHB.

The Richie’s, alongside the competitive Aussies and the composed English, relished every moment of the 1,000 step bucket list journey, commentating wittily on the fearless displays of rivalry.

Passion and patriotism shone as brightly as the Sydney sun, over the sparkling harbour. Two strong teams competing for glory.
England in splendid form took the advantage arriving early for check-in, then squandering their lead drinking tea. Australia reclaimed the home-ground advantage, as the first to secure their safety harnesses on to line that runs the distance of the Climb journey. No positional changes from that point safeguarded their lead.

During the ascent of the magnificent arches, it was hard to tell the teams apart, both showing great skill and determination, and both dressed in grey.

The battle came to a halt half way up the arch, for one of the customary photo stops. Australia looked set to take the winning shot, until the Sniko replay confirmed an embarrassing LBF (Limb before Face).

The teams stayed focused on their goal, reaching the summit 134 metres above the harbour. The hearty chanting of “Barmy Army” and “Aussie Aussie Aussie” finally fell quiet, as both teams took in breathtaking 360 degree views of the great host nation.

And when Climb Leader cameras came out for a final victory shot, rivalry was put aside and arms put around each other, for Sydney’s must-have photo; the group shot at the summit of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, complete with Sydney Opera House in the Background.

After the descent down the west back to the BridgeClimb base, The Richies re-cap summarised the spirit of the day, “Yes what we have just witnessed here is a show of great sportsmanship, not only between individuals, but between two great nations. It’s fair to say that everyone leaves a victor for the 2017 SHB test series”.

“Who will win on the day, either way we can all agree that just being able to walk with these giants is reward enough. Where ever you are in the world, enjoy your test Season, and enjoy cricket.”

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