Social Media Star Captivates China with Karaoke Atop Sydney Harbour Bridge

Chinese New Year Celebrations See ‘Wang Hong’ Amy Lyons Experiences The Karaoke Climb 2018

On Thursday 15 February, as part of BridgeClimb’s Chinese New Year Celebrations, Australian Student turned social media star in China, Amy Lyons, climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge to experience The Karaoke Climb 2018, and share another of her ‘quirky’ videos, that receive as many as 3 million views.

Branded “Amy from Australia”, the Sydney girl who is fluent in Mandarin and studying kung-Fu became known when she won the 2017 ‘When Koala Meets Panda’ Australian China-Youth short video competition.

She has since been making waves on Chinese social media platforms including Weibo; the equivalent to Facebook or Twitter, and Meipai; a live streaming video platform, clocking up over 65,000 followers.

Amy Said “This is the most exciting invitation to come home to, after two years living and studying in China. My heart is both in China and in my home country Australia and I feel very lucky to have had so many incredible experiences in both countries.

“My followers have come to expect some unique and quirky videos from my adventures and I’m sure that singing karaoke from the summit of the beloved Australian icon under a beautiful blue sky is something that will surprise them and make them smile”.

Amy’s teaser video asking fans to tune into the live streaming and help select her summit song, received over 186,000 views, with 《小幸运》(The Little Luck)chosen by her highly engaged audience: .

Following Amy’s immersion in Chinese language and culture, she made the decision to peruse a “Wang Hong” (social media influencer) career path because she loves the Chinese way of life and for the lifestyle and travel opportunity it affords.

The Karaoke Climb 2018 is the 4th in the annual BridgeClimb series of special event climbs running over the Chinese New Year period, from 9th February to 2nd March.

Following safety preparations, Climbers are led up the coat hanger by a Mandarin Speaking Climb Leader who shares stories of the Bridge and the surrounding City, following the same routes as the BridgeClimb Mandarin Climbs which run 364 days a year.

At the summit, they are led to a stage like no other, between the East and West arches, where two plasma TV screens, microphones and concert style speakers are set up waiting.

Last week, BridgeClimb hosted a Lucky New Year Party with 8 lucky competition winners invited to enjoy a musical live performance and cakes from China Town’s famous Golden Century.

Other limited edition and one off experiences tailored to enhance the BridgeClimb experience for Chinese Climbers have included a Lion Dance performance at the summit, a Tai Chi event, a Mahjong championship event, and a magnificent 15-metre long Dragon scaling the arches of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

For more information in English, please visit, or for more information in Mandarin, please visit or call (02) 8274 7777.